Handcuffed to Ceiling for Strapping

strung up from ceiling in handcuffs for strapping punishment

strapped while handcuffed to ceiling

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The most perverted prison guards sometimes take the female prisoners to a cave near the women’s prison to be punished. Outside the prison walls, no one can hear the cries of women in pain. The sadistic guards can get off on punishing the girls without interruption. This time officer Zoe Page takes Aleesha Fox down to the secluded cavern where she’s stripped naked from the waist down. Then Aleesha is handcuffed to the ceiling for a bare bottom strapping that leaves her very red and sore. See this perverted prison punishment and more at Bars-and-Stripes.com!

Bare Bottom Schoolgirl Paddling

Bare Bottom Schoolgirl Paddling

Bare Bottom Schoolgirl Paddling

Naughty teen gets bare bottom schoolgirl padding for not completing her assignment and other assorted unruly behavior! Her strict teacher tans her ass with the school’s punishment paddle as her classmate stands in cornertime listening and pondering her infractions. These misbehaved teenage schoolgirls get taught how to properly behave at the hands of strict disciplinarian, Miss Zoe Page!

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