Punished Brats Bianca Rose

Lesbian Spanking at Punished Brats

Lesbian Spanking OTK Punished Brats Bianca Rose

From “Dark Heart of the Dance” out now at Punished Brats Spanking. Naughty lesbian lovers Joelle Barros and Bianca Rose are lying in bed together after a passionate night of lovemaking. When Joelle wakes from her nap and finds Bianca going though her things. Even though Bianca has not taken anything of value she must be punished for her actions. Joelle strips her of her clothes and spanks her bare bottom!

Mom Spanks Daughter with Wooden Spoon

Mom Spanks Daughter With Wooden Spoon

Mom Spanks Daughter with Wooden Spoon

Bratty daughter Joelle earns herself some strict discipline from mom for her bratty behavior. This naughty teen gets a hard wooden spoon spanking on the bare bottom. Mommy spanks her bratty little daughter in the family kitchen leaving her bottom blistered, red and sore!

From “Kitchen Conflagration” featuring Joelle Barros at Punished Brats where bratty teens are given the strict discipline they deserve!