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Hard OTK Hand Spanking for Lily Swan At AAA

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Getting caught by her landlord breaking the house rules earns Lily Swan a swift bare bottom punishment. She’s taken over the knee and spanked hard on the bare bottom. Lily has been a very bad girl, making alcohol in John’s house while he’s away. Her landlord only has one rule…NO ALCOHOL!! Such a devious and disrespectful little brat needs to be taught a painful lesson with a severe spanking that reddens her naughty bottom. See the entire OTK spanking punishment film exclusively at AAASpanking.com!

Humiliating Schoolgirl Spanking

Humiliating Schoolgirl Spanking

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Naughty schoolgirl Lily Swan gets a very humiliating spanking punishment. Her teacher has caught her doing something very disgusting…peeing outdoors. Mr Osborne is furious with the naughty little school girl. and vows to teach her how to behave like a proper young lady though a pain and humiliation at AAASpanking.com

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Lily’s new stepmom Adriana will not tolerate her rebelliousness and bratty behavior. Lilly has stayed out all night partying and her stepmom decides that it’s time to lay down the law. She waits for in Lily’s bedroom with hairbrush in hand. When Lily arrives she gets put over her stepmother’s knee for a hard and fast spanking that she won’t forget anytime soon at MommaSpankings.com!

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Sexy Lesbian Spanking

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Naughty lesbian lovers give sexy erotic spankings a try when they get caught up in the “50 Shades” hype! Lily suggests a kinky change from their normal sexual routine. She wants to give sexy spankings a try. As the lovers are lying in bed together wearing sexy lingerie, Lily tells her girlfriend she’s been hiding a secret desire to explore her submissive side. She tells Joelle about her recent trip to the local sex shop to bring home various spanking implements. Joelle agrees to this new kinky game and tries them out on her. An excited Lilly wants to have an orgasm as her girlfriend spanks her bare ass. She experiences an incredible orgasm while fingering herself as she feels pleasurable pain and real shuddering orgasms! Joelle leaves her gorgeous bottom red and sore in her post-orgasmic bliss!

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