Female Prisoner Ella Hughes Caned

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Inmate Ella Hughes is being interrogated at the women’s correctional facility for deviant and wayward girls. When standard punishments failed to force her confession, Ella was tied down on the X-cross. Naked and bound she was helpless as sadistic prison guards administered a sound caning that finally elicited the broken girl’s confession. See inmate Ella’s extended prison punishment and caning only at Bars-and-Stripes.com!

Spanked After School

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Ella’s mother isn’t happy with her current performance at school. Her grades were not as expected at midterms and there would be severe consequences for letting down her mommy. Mother was very disappointed in her daughter and Ella would pay the price with a very red and sore bottom. Aleesha was waiting for her daughter when she came home from school. She put Ella over her knee and pulled down her crisp white panties just enough to expose her tender young bottom which she spanked with a firm hand. Then she revealed the dreaded hairbrush and gave her daughter a painful hairbrush spanking that had her squirming in pain in this nonsense traditional discipline of naughty schoolgirl Ella Hughes at MommaSpankings.com!

Ella Hughes Prison Spanking

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When Ella Hughes was sent to solitary confinement at the women’s prison, it wasn’t the only punishment she was to receive. In fact, her infractions were no serious that they warranted a visit form the warden himself. He had a plan to discipline her with an otk spanking daily for the entirety of her stay in solitary. When he arrived at Ella’s isolation cell, he put the naughty young lady over his knee for a sound spanking that left her bottom burning red and very sore! See the full prison spanking video at Bars-and-Stripes.com!

Bare Bottom After School Spanking

Bare Bottom After School Spanking OTK

Bare Bottom After School Spanking OTK

Ella Hughes gets put in the hot seat when her strict mother finds out she’s failing her classes! Strict mom, Aleesha Fox, takes her daughter over the knee and spanks her bare bottom red! Starting with bare hand otk and then increasing her punishment with hairbrush spanking on her daughter exposed bottom. This naughty teen will learn one way or another that her mother runs this house!

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