OTK Spanking Over Panties

Penny Stone OTK Spanking Over Panties from Bianca Rose at Punished Brats

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When Lady Bianca’s pet Penny Stone fails to follow instructions, she’s disciplined like the naughty little girl that she is. Penny has failed to complete the simple task she’s been assigned and her owner feels she needs to be taught a lesson much like a child. Her disobedience must be punished if she’s to learn to behave properly. Lady Bianca takes her pet Penny over her knee for an over the panties spanking with the dreaded bath brush. See more bad girls getting the punishments they deserve at PunishedBrats.com!

Stepmom Spanking Her Bottom Bright Red

stepmom spanking her bottom bright red

stepmom adriana evans spanks her stepdaughter bianca rose bare bottom bright red

stepdaughter spanked bright red bottom at punished brats

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Young stepmom Adriana explained to her new stepdaughter that even though the girls were about the same age, she felt Bianca need discipline. At first Adriana gave her redheaded stepchild a few light smacks on the bare bottom. But Bianca needed to be spanked harder. As the intensity of the spankings grew more severe, Bianca could on;y cry out as Bianca spanked her naugughty bottom bright red. See the full hard and fast spanking film only at PunishedBrats.com!

Punished Brats Bianca Rose

Lesbian Spanking at Punished Brats

Lesbian Spanking OTK Punished Brats Bianca Rose

From “Dark Heart of the Dance” out now at Punished Brats Spanking. Naughty lesbian lovers Joelle Barros and Bianca Rose are lying in bed together after a passionate night of lovemaking. When Joelle wakes from her nap and finds Bianca going though her things. Even though Bianca has not taken anything of value she must be punished for her actions. Joelle strips her of her clothes and spanks her bare bottom!