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When Joelle Barros fails to follow her strict stepdad’s rules, she gets a humiliating bedtime spanking. She’s spanked just like when she was a schoolgirl. It’s embarrassing and humiliating being spanked like a little girl. It’s been so long since she’s had her bare bottom reddened in such a shameful spanking over her stepdaddy’s knee. Her bedtime punishment begins with a spanking over pajamas and continues as she’s spanked over panties. She struggles as her stepdad pulls her panties down for a red hot bare bottom spanking at!

Schoolgirl Spanking Bench Punishment

Spanking Bench Punishment

From – Persistently naughty schoolgirl, Lily Swan, felt that the rules didn’t apply to her. She had to pee and didn’t want to wait to get home. So she lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and peed right on the school’s gravel footpath. Her teacher was walking by and caught her in the act. Her was disgusted and horrified by this deviant behavior and dragged her by the ear directly into the school punishment room. It’s was full of disciplinary implements of pain that could help discipline a naughty schoolgirl like Lily.

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Caned Schoolgirl

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Raucous teen schoolgirl Mandie Rae receives a bottom stinging caning when she’s caught peeing behind the bushes of the campus maintenance shed in the latest update at AAA Spanking! Mandie has receive numerous violations of the school’s rules and she’s has always been punished accordingly. This time her infraction is so flagrant and downright disgustingly dirty that her teacher aims to humiliate her. She’s stripped of her panties and her tight teen ass is exposed. Her teacher Mr Osborne uses his favorite rattan cane on her young bottom and leaves her crying real tears!

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