Domestic Discipline Strapping

domestic discipline strapping

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After a long night of partying, Amelia Jane has fallen asleep in her clothes. She’s forgotten to set her alarm clock and overslept. She didn’t expect her partner, Richard Anderson, to arrive with a thick leather strap in hand to punish her. Amelia is laid out on the bed with her bottom up. Perfectly positioned for a punishing strapping with a stingy leather tawse!

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Bare Bouncing Bottom Spanking

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bare bouncing bottom spanking

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Fiery redhead Alison Miller confesses to her boyfriend, “I’ve been wanting to be spanked by you since we started dating!”. He obliges her spanking wishes and admits, “I’ve been wanting to spank you too!”. Naughty Alison gets exactly what she wants when she’s taken over the knee with perfect spankable bottom bared. Her curvy bare bottom bounces with every smack of her boyfriend’s firm hand in this sexy domestic spanking scene!

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Bare Bottom OTK Slippering

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bare bottom otk slippering

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Scarlett really enjoyed being spanked. She knew that the boss at the local diner gave regular spanking to his female employees. So Scarlett got a job as a waitress there so she could get spanked as much as possible. After a rather sound spanking, she was so sexually excited that she was openly fingering herself in the alley behind the diner. She was caught masturbating by the police and taken to the station for interrogation. While she was being interrogated by the Special Spanking Unit’s Chief Officer Johnson, he decided that she need that horny girl need to be put over the knee for a sound slippering at!

Naked OTK Paddling

naked paddling over the knee

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Young lawyer Belinda Lawson wants to be stripped of all her clothes for a nude spanking. She tests the limits of her corporal punishment counseling when she suggests a naked spanking. Earl Grey takes her over the knee for a bottom reddening 40 swats with a wooden paddle at!